#PowerUp Series 2020

Conversations about clean energy can quickly spiral in many different directions. When kicking off our #PowerUp conversation, we wanted to begin peeling back just a few layers at a time with neighbors, tech experts, community leaders, and policy writers. We wanted to create a space to learn with and from one another and we are happy to share these resources from the series with you below.

Each webinar session featured 2-3 guest speakers and then time for small group conversations to explore priority ideas, questions, or policy ideas. Participants used their knowledge of community needs and case studies from other cities to inspire their feedback. Below, you’ll find a #PowerUp Pack with some links and information to bring the conversation to as many people as possible. Each pack includes a video from the panel discussion, a link to a detailed blog post from the session, a short PDF with some background information about the session’s topic, and the survey link.

#PowerUp Health

Recap blog
#PowerUp BETTER HEALTH survey

#Power Up Saving Money

Recap blog
#PowerUp SAVING MONEY survey

Share your ideas!

In addition to the years of research and case studies that exist on clean energy, the Ready for 100 Chicago team knows that some of the best ideas come directly from community members.

We built these 4 surveys with the feedback from each #PowerUp conversation. Tell us which ideas are most important to you with just a few clicks. We encourage you to spend 2-3 minutes per survey to vote as many times as you’d like!

Under the question, you will be given two random choices and you can pick which is most important to you. Each of these possible answers came from participants of our #PowerUp conversations and this survey is our way of inviting your opinion to the conversation.

It can be difficult to choose just one answer, but try your best! Or, if you have an idea of your own, suggest it into the box that says “Add your own idea here…” Once you submit your idea, other will have the chance to vote for your idea!

Find the most recent summary of all surveys here!