About us

Ready for 100 Chicago Collective

The Ready for 100 Chicago Collective (RF100CC) is a coalition of local environmental and community organizations working to ensure Chicago’s transition to 100% clean and renewable energy is accessible to all.

In April 2019, the Chicago City Council unanimously passed a resolution to power all buildings in Chicago with 100% clean and renewable energy by 2035 and transition the CTA bus fleet to electric vehicles by 2040.

What does the Resolution do?

The resolution directs the City to develop an equitable and just 100% Clean Energy Transition Plan by December 2020, which would outline key strategies, progression milestones, and a timeline for achieving an equitable clean energy transition. The plan will be developed through a community-based engagement process, involving local organizations, community leaders, and individuals from all parts of the city. The transition plan will periodically be updated to ensure an equitable and just transition is achieved on-time and reflects the community.

How will the Resolution be just and equitable? 

The resolution includes explicit priorities and dedicated language to ensure renewable energy benefits historically disadvantaged Chicago neighborhoods, communities of color, indigenous communities, and those in difficult and unequal economic standing. The priorities include:

  • Engaging community members in creating equity metrics and a formal feedback process
  • Supporting community solar and inclusive financing in disadvantaged neighborhoods
  • Ensuring clean energy development will not displace residents from their communities
  • Hiring historically disadvantaged local workers
  • Investing taxpayer dollars in minority-owned businesses
  • Adoption of the Chicago Transit Authority’s inclusive procurement policy