RF100Chi Spotlight: Evie Thompson

Evanescia ‘Evie’ Thompson, 32 
Founder, Babes Only @babesonlyfun

How did you first get involved with community organizing?

I first got into community organizing with my Women’s organization, created four-and-a-half years ago in Los Angeles. Since then its outreach has expanded to New York, Austin, Detroit, London, and Chicago. Maybe two years ago I was invited to The Obama Foundation Summit where I did some volunteer work at a senior home on the Southside. It inspired me to start using my organization to do more volunteer work. 

How did you get involved with the Sierra Club and the RF100Chi campaign?

In 2018 I was the resident DJ for Chicago Votes, because I wanted to be more involved in environmental work. I volunteered my time to going to Sierra Club meetings as a representative for them. 

What do you think our biggest challenge in getting to 100% clean energy is?

Our biggest challenge is locking in confirmed commitments from the people who have the power to authorize everything needed for this transition. Being the largest city to commit, I feel there may also be timing obstacles. 

What’s your biggest win as an organizer?

My biggest win is knowing that I am putting time and energy back into the planet. I am happy to use my platform and my organizations to make positive change for the future. 

Where do you plan on taking your organizing skills in the future?

Within this year I want to organize a nationwide cleanup for Earth Day and worldwide cleanup for Ocean Day. In the future I would also love to help push for 100% renewable energy around the entire planet.

Why is Climate Change organizing important to you?

Climate change organizing is very important to me because the issue affects everyone and everything. It is terribly sad to see what we have done to this planet, the plants, the animals, the ocean, and more. Spreading the word on achieving a cleaner World is the least I can do.